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iTownSquare is regional classifieds website. We aspire to offer a comprehensive listing of all businesses ranging from obscure hardware stores and local grocery shop to the glitziest restaurants in Northeast India.


Our aim is to provide free, reliable and accurate information to all users and connect businesses and shops with potential customers. We are just starting out and, with the mission of providing every traveller the fullest information and options available in the region, we are collecting information from every nook and corner of all the cities and towns in NE India to provide the most comprehensive and accurate information possible.


We list festivals and events (including sporting events) happening in the sister states of NE India and provide online booking service for ticketed events. We also plan to provide online booking for hotels, homestays and other forms of accommodation in the region in the near future.

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Jaspreet Bhamrai


Jaspreet Bhamrai

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Jaspreet Bhamrai


Jaspreet Bhamrai


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